[tps_header]Whimsical horse and flower artwork is perfect for a nursery or a room that needs a feminine touch. Something about horses wearing flower crowns or standing in a beautiful field of flowers is so inspiring.

This flower crown watercolor print is absolutely beautiful. The Luckiest Fish sells a variety of prints featuring animals adorned with flower crowns. 

This equine piece by Kari Herer is an original. You might recognize her style, her pieces have been sold in Anthropologie and Kari is well known.

Get art in an instant with a printable piece, just make sure you have plenty of ink and good paper on hand.


A wooden horse silhouette with floral print is so beautiful. It would be really cute with a baby’s name painted in the center.
This photo captures spring in Texas. A horse stands in the middle of a field full of Bluebonnets. [/tps_header]