"Cowgirl Magazine" - Fly Control

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Fly Control

Is your barn prepared for the attack of blood-thirsty insects? Your horse would appreciate a thought-out fly control plan before summer hits. There’s a number of strategic things you can do to prevent hordes of flies and other biting insects from hanging out around the barn. Get your checklist ready and set out to protect your barn!

Prevention Tips

Remove Manure: Flies love horse manure! Pick out your stalls daily and try to dump the manure away from the barn. Ideally, you should have your manure removed off site once a week.

Moisture: Puddles are breeding grounds for all sorts of insects. Eliminate standing water around the barn. You should also make sure to keep stalls dry.

Install Fans: Large fans will keep flies to a minimal for stall kept horses.

Garbage: Be careful of human food and trash. Make sure to get a trash can with a secure lid and empty it regularly.


Horse Fly Predators: These tiny non-stinging wasps eat the fly larvae in horse manure piles. They help to eliminate the fly life cycle. There are companies that will ship them directly to your barn.

Fly Repellent: You can always opt to feed your horse a repellent.

Fly Attire: Masks, legs wraps, sheets, and other miscellaneous clothing for your horse can be worn to prevent nasty bites.

Spray System: A system sprays a mist throughout the barn multiple times in the day. It can be specified for your particular set-up.

Traps: Different types of bait can attract insects and catch them.

Every barn will have its own needs for fly control. In some cases, you might not have a lot of options if your boarding. The best thing to do is plan ahead and work with everyone at the barn to put a stop to fly infestations.