Fly Mask

With fly season right around the corner, it’s time to invest in a fly mask that will protect your horse from those nasty pests. Kensington maintains a line of durable masks made from their textilene material. Their collection features a range of sizes, colors, and designs. There’s something for every horse’s needs!

Pick your favorite!

UViator Protective Mask, $79.99; Kensington

Why should you love this fly mask? Because it offers 90% UV protection, 78% air permeability, has a removable nose, doubles as a halter, and features soft mesh ears. It’s the whole package!

Fly Mask with Fleece & Ears, $39.99; Kensington

Forget fading, wear and tear, mildew, or soiling, this mask is designed to withstand everything thrown its way. It offers 73% UV protection, as well.

Fly Mask with Ears & Removable Nose, $49.99; Kensington

With a clever design, your horse can wear this fly mask with or without the nose flap. A double locking system makes it nearly impossible to remove.

Kensington also has masks without ears. Furthermore, there’s a range of fun plaid colors like lavender mint and blue ice. Follow the size chart to find your horse’s perfect match!

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