"Cowgirl Magazine" - Fly Mask
"Cowgirl Magazine" - Fly Mask
There’s a new fly mask on the market that offers superior protection for your horses!

The summer season can be one of the hardest for your horse. They have to deal with flies and a blaring sun nearly all day. If you’re worried about the sun damaging their sensitive eyes and delicate nose, it might be time to consider a fly mask that offers UV protection. I’m sure you go to great lengths to protect yourself, so don’t forget about your horse. Check out this new mask!

UViator Protective Mask, $49.99-59.99; Kensington

Made from the famous Kensington Textilene material, this mask is durable and ready for those rougher summer months. It has 78% air permeability, which means it will keep your horse cool. The best part though- it blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays!

UV rays can cause your horse to get a sunburn on his nose. They can also make those with sensitive eyes uncomfortable. Few fly masks offer both protection from the sun and flies. This particular one comes with and without ears.

This mask also has a handy built-in halter feature. You can clip a lead rope to it and go!

Get your horse summer-ready by pre-ordering a UViator Protective Mask before the sun and flies strike!