"Cowgirl Magazine" - Fly Sheets
"Cowgirl Magazine" - Fly Sheets

Flies are so hard to get rid of…and they drive horses crazy! You’ve tried sprays, wipes, and various products that only last an hour or two. Fly sheets offer a long term solution to pesky bugs. You can save money on spray by equipping your horse in a lightweight sheet that’ll keep him from getting bit. Since there’s so many to choose from, it might be hard to know which one to pick!

WeatherBeeta Essential Mesh Combo, $71.95; State Line Tack.


The one pictured above offers the ultimate level of protection. The neck, body, and belly of your horse is covered. The mesh is lightweight and will allow air flow on hot days. It’s also made with a strong, durable material. This one is perfect for horses that have extra sensitive skin.

Saxon Mesh Standard Fly Sheet, $34.00; State Line Tack.

Another great option. This sheet covers the body and belly, but not the neck. It offers 70% UV block.

Kensington Protective Fly Sheet, $89.99; State Line Tack.

You need one of these fly sheets if your horse is tough on his blankets! The material is like no other. It also blocks up to 73% of UV rays to offer sun protection and reduce fading.

Defender Basic Fly Sheet, $23.49; State Line Tack.

The perfect basic sheet to offer your horse comfort this summer. It’s designed to keep the flies from nipping. The belly and leg straps make it fit just right!

There’s so many choose to from! Determine how much protection your horse needs and whether he’s rough on his blankets. Your horse will be so much happier.

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