foal slipper cowgirl magazine
Photo by: Karla Swindle……

A unique picture of a horse’s hoof has been circulating the internet. They’re being called ‘foal slippers’. They are in fact a real thing! Foals are born with these unique hooves, also known as “golden slippers” and “fairy fingers”.

Karla Swindle from S & K Quarter Horses shared a few pictures of her foal’s hooves. They really caught the attention of horse folks! Everyone wants to know what they are.

A rubbery layer covers the hooves of foals. This capsule is soft and protects the mare’s utero from any sharp edges on the foal’s hooves. The foal can’t hurt the mare’s birth canal as it travels through it. Once the foal is born and air hits their feet, the foal slippers quickly begin to dry out. As the foal learns to stand and walk, the hooves are worn down and leveled out.

Photo by: Karla Swindle

It’s very impressive how nature works! Do you agree?