There are many different approaches to take when training a young horse. Some horse folks choose to start working with their foals right from the beginning. They like to establish a positive relationship day one. Clinton Anderson is a strong believer in gaining your foal’s trust and respect. He offers his advice to the equine world.

Two Tips for Working with Foals

1. You shouldn’t expect perfection when working with young horses. Focus on small improvements, rather than drilling new skills or abilities overnight. There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow.

2. Always end each session on a positive note. Just like an adult horse, your foal is likely to remember the last thing you both work on. Make sure they’re relaxed and using the thinking side of their brain. Try to avoid stopping a lesson when your foal is anxious or nervous.

Clinton Anderson likes to develop a strong foundation with his young horses. This helps get them ready for under saddle work. He uses both of these tips to keep sessions in the right direction!

Check out this one hour long video discussing how to start your foal’s training. Clinton Anderson does a great job explaining how to go about things and what kind of goals you should have for your youngster.

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