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Spring is known as foaling season for most breeders. They’re very busy this time of year! While some horse lovers have had the opportunity to watch a foal be born, many have not. It doesn’t happen on your average farm. If you’d like the opportunity to watch this miracle of life unfold, then check out Cambridge Stud’s foaling unit.

Foaling Season at Cambridge Stud

The foaling unit at Cambridge Stud delivers around 250 foals a year. This Thoroughbred farm is located in Cambridge, New Zealand. Their gorgeous facility is sure to impress!

They try to limit birthing mishaps by having overnight employees who watch over the mares. The facility has cameras, ample lighting, and is equipped with all the necessary foaling supplies.

You can watch two foals being born in their video below.

What an exciting experience! This facility is truly top notch. It’s evident their mares in foal are well taken care of.