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Kendra Santos is a woman who has made a career out of writing cowboys’ stories. With experience in journalism spanning over the course 35 years, this woman has seen and written it all. Some of the top athletes in professional rodeo and workers within the Western industry praise her work for a good reason. To say the least, Santos has given the sport of rodeo a much-needed voice.

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This storyteller has written for almost every major organization in the Western industry. She served as both the PRCA Director of Communications and PBR Editor in Chief, and also gave rise to The Team Roping Journal and American Cowboy. Today, she writes for Western Horseman and the American Quarter Horse Association Journal.

For those of you who don’t know what it takes to be a successful journalist, you must be able to do more than just tell a story. Journalists spend hours upon hours crafting pieces whether that be through research, interviews, or investigational work.

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Santos’ tireless work is certainly not limited to just writing reads for today’s major Western publications. She goes beyond this.

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In a post written by Ariat, it is explained that Santos’ unmatched success in journalism is gained by way of authenticity, trustworthiness, determination, and passion. This read has descriptions of Santos by some of the top workers and athletes in professional rodeo such as Trevor Brazile and Tuf Cooper. Give this post a read here!

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The articles and stories written by this legendary rodeo journalist isn’t the only thing to keep up on. Santos has kept up with the times by filtering the specialty of rodeo throughout social media. She understands that just as like sport has evolved, so have the times.

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There is no doubt that without Kendra Santos’ profound ability to give a voice to cowboys and cowgirls, rodeo wouldn’t be where it is today.