The world is full of celebrity horse lovers from famous musicians and actors to NFL football players. It appears that these two famous guys are no different. Can you guess who they are? The horse bug has definitely gotten them!

1. Devin White

Devin White is a self-proclaimed horse lover and rider. He just so happens to own seven of them! This 21-year-old linebacker has been riding since he was five years old. You may have seen him riding his horse, Daisy Mae, around the LSU campus last year, if you follow his Twitter.

White has already let his fans know that when he makes it to the NFL he plans to get quite a few more horses. Currently, he owns Tennessee Walking Horses, but he would like to get into the Standardbred business.

2. Edward Oliver

A football defensive tackle for the Houston Cougars, Edward Oliver is also a horse lover. The first horse he purchased is named Caledonia. However, it was his second horse, Oreo, that really taught him a few lessons. Oliver describes the horse as “stubborn and ignorant.” The horse helped him become fearless on the football field though.

In the future, Oliver would like to add a few cows to his herd.

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