Having a rather large zit smack dab in the middle of your face before a big rodeo or special event is enough to send you hiding, but we’ve found a skin care line that will reduce (or completely disappear) the size of your unwanted visitor. Whether you have a pesky black head, oozy white head, or an underground cystic zit, Mario Badescu’s line has something for each type of flare up.

Drying Lotion

This is one of the fastest-acting zit-zapping products out there. Just one dab with a cotton tip on your blemish and poof—it’s gone! Remember to never shake the bottle before use. This product is perfect for white heads or those almost ready to pop as it dries it up super fast. You can also use this product on back acne and chest acne for great results and clear skin. Another bonus? Dab this onto your itchy mosquito bites to stop the itch! The calamine lotion helps a lot in this product. Available at Mario Badescu, $17.

Buffering Lotion 

Do you suffer from those painful underground blemishes? It’s the worst, we know. Luckily, this Buffering Lotion will stop cystic acne in it’s growing place and willow it away with each use. The moment you feel one of those underground zits coming on, shake the bottle well, then rub this on and you’ll notice the pain start to disappear, as well as the blemish within a short period. If you have a cluster of acne, you can use this, as well to quickly treat it. Available at Mario Badescu, $19. 

Drying Cream

The above products are perfect for nighttime and even the Buffering Lotion you can use during the day, but this Drying Cream is perfect for daytime use. It not only actively dries out your blemishes throughout the day, but it prevents pimples from getting larger and spreading. This also acts as a concealer with its creamy, nude formula that covers up zits while it helps clear them. This works best when applied after your moisturizer, but before makeup. Available at Mario Badescu, $17. 

 Anti-Acne Serum

This is the perfect way to prevent breakouts before they even start—it even clears up already-present breakouts, too. The salicylic acid based gel helps keep pimples at bay. This is gentle enough to use every day and won’t irritate erupted or sensitive skin. So if you tend to breakout consistently, it’s worth giving this serum a try. Available at Mario Badescu, $20.