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A Foundation Quarter Horse is often called the original or real Quarter Horse. This breed of horse dates back to Colonial Virginia in the 1600s. They were versatile and very useful to the settlers. Nowadays, many ranchers prefer a horse with old school bloodlines. There are even two organizations that register these horses!

Facts About Foundation Quarter Horses

  1. The original Quarter Horse was very versatile and could be seen working the farm, logging, pulling a buggy, and herding cattle. True to their heritage, a Foundation Quarter Horse is also able to multi-task on the farm. They can work, but also entertain the family and kids.
  2. There are two organizations- the Foundation Quarter Horse Association and the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association. FQHA and NFQHA require the horse to have 85% or more Foundation Quarter Horse blood.
  3. Standard traits of a Quarter Horse are a compact built that’s very muscular. They’re usually under 15 hands, have small ears, wide set eyes, a strong jaw, and powerful hindquarters.
  4. Some famous bloodlines include Driftwood, Joe Hancock, Oklahoma Star, Poco Bueno, Clabber, Bert, and many others! They competed in roping, racing, and cutting.
  5. Thoroughbreds were introduced into the Quarter Horse breed, which has created a modern version that is often taller and lighter. While there’s no denying foundation horses do have Thoroughbred blood, they certainly have much less compared to your average QH.

They’re powerful, have a great work ethic, and can perform in a range of disciplines. If you’re looking for the perfect horse, consider a Foundation Quarter Horse.