Disco, $295

If you haven’t heard of Freebird by Steven boots yet, jump on our bandwagon! They may not be your run of the mill cowgirl boot, but each one has a western flair that can really add pizazz to your outfit. (Picture us doing jazz hands every time we say the word pizazz.) From the worn leather to the concho adornments, they just have that somethin’!

Maybe they don’t exactly have barn potential, but they sure as hell will get you a load of compliments. Boho cowgirls, step out of your comfort zone and into a pair of Freebird boots this season!


Disco, $295 (Rust)


Endy, $295



Wrangler, $395

Sulli, $350

Lassp, $275

Salt, $225


Freebird Stairway, $195