Frenchmans guy cowgirl magazine
Photos courtesy of Deb Myers Facebook……

Frenchmans Guy of the Myers Ranch has been laid to rest.

“We all here at the Myers Ranch have been dreading this day. The “Old Guy” was laid to rest. His body was tired and he couldn’t fight Old Father Time any longer. Our hearts are broken and words cannot describe how we feel.

“For 34 years, Frenchmans Guy was a part of our family and blessed our lives. He made it possible for our family to do what we love and are passionate about. We can truly say that one horse built our program. He enabled us to go places we never knew possible, to meet people who became our friends, and to make memories we will never forget – all because of that one horse.

“Those of you who have been part of this journey, you know how special he was to all of us. Our hope is that when you read this and think of that one horse, he brings you a smile and a happy memory. Thank you, God, for this blessing.

“Thank you, Frenchmans Guy.

“The Myers Family”

Verbiage courtesy of Deb Myers Facebook.