Whether you’re looking to redecorate your window space or looking to add more décor to it, we’re here to give you some home inspiration. There are so many great home décor accessories out there, but the tricky part is putting them all together. Check out our picks below and they just could be your missing puzzle pieces to a complete home project.

Photography from Design Milk

Add some fire. Fancying up your windowsill with an iron candleholder will add an elegant and rustic touch to your window space. Just make sure the lit candles aren’t too close to the curtains. Available at Stone Country IronWorks, $149.

Photography by Lili Loft

Shower with flowers. A single vase of flowers or multiple vases of flowers can add a bright and fresh touch to any windowsill. Sunflowers, irises and daisies will look perfectly country on display. Try using a unique pitcher server like this one from Cowboy Living, $14, for a western touch.

Display it loud and proud. Hang or lay a cute sign in front of the window such as this Western Living sign from Cowboy Living, $3, so your guests know exactly what type of home their walking into. It’s a cozy touch and gives your home a country feel.

Photography from Apartment Therapy

Country fray. If your windowsill needs some shade to keep cool, try a pretty curtain to help hide the afternoon sun. It adds a personal touch and keeps most of the sun out. Try a short curtain so you still have some natural looking shining in. This Luxury Star Valance by HiEnd Accents, $29, has a western touch that will bring the wild west to your windowsill.

Photography from The Classy Issue

Spread the light. Fix up your window space with a little, or a lot, of light. A chandelier is a gorgeous touch to any window space. It adds elegance and sophistication from the inside and outside of your home. An iron chandelier like this Waldorf 12-Light Chandelier from Ballard Designs, $1,200, is an ideal fixture for your window space.

Cool your pie. Back way back when, and even possibly still to this day, busy housewives would let their fresh-out-of-the-oven pies cool on the windowsill letting the sweet scent waft throughout the house. If you’re used to having an otherwise bare windowsill, why not let your freshly-baked goods sit out on the windowsill giving your home a cozy, country-vibe. This Great White Cake Stand from Pottery Barn, $45, is the perfect dish to display your sweet treats.