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Fringe Hill Design lives in beautiful Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Dallas, Kimberly was a city girl who learned to sew at a young age. Her adventurous spirit and love of travel has taken her all over; visiting places and meeting people who inspire her and her work. It was living in a small beach town in Mexico and exploring rural mountain towns of which inspired her latest designs. Fringe Hill is still traveling and constantly adding to the never ending collection of new/old woven fabrics, vintage western style silver and decorative embossed leathers.

“Fringe Hill Yoga items are custom crafted with all influences in mind; modern western, urban and Spanish design. These original designs might not fit perfectly into one single genre, but they somehow land on the beautiful Fringe of it all. Our priority is high quality, function and original design. We work most days out of our Austin studio, making sure each piece has reached perfection before sending it you!” -Fringe Hill Yoga

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