Fringe never gets old, it just gets better! When looking for your perfect fringe jacket, consider several different factors, as most fringe jackets are an investment and you want to get the most bang for your buck. First, what silhouette is going to be the most flattering on your figure? If you are a little boxier, try a longer fringe (as pictured here) to give off a long lean silhouette. If you are a petite lady, try a more slim fitting jacket that is fitted well through the sleeve, so it doesn’t look like you are being swallowed up!

Second, what color are you most likely to wear more, brown/tan tones or black/grey tones? If your closet is 90% black (and I know there are a bunch of you out there like this, so don’t deny it :)) then you probably won’t wear brown as much as you think! Hey, I’m guilty of it too. I say, “oh but the brown is so much prettier!” I buy it, then it hangs in my closet for the rest of its sad little life.

No matter what your shape or color preference, there is a fringe jacket for you. Start saving you pennies and invest in one for fall! You’ll get a ton of wear out of it. I guarantee it!

Penny Lane Fringe Jacket