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Photos courtesy of Fort Lonesome……

We can’t get enough of Miranda Lambert and her 2021 CMA look! This fringe jumpsuit from Fort Lonesome is LIFE!

“Watching someone make a piece come alive on stage just never gets old. A lot of times it kinda feels like a dream that it was ever in your hands.
@christinahurtsmith here. 👋🏼 Hi hello. Let’s talk about this whirlwind, shall we? 

“I found out about this project on the Friday before Halloween while I was still in Tucson. We arrived back home on Sunday, I threw on some @mirandalambert songs for inspo and I had this design done a few hours after walking in my door. Side note – One of the design elements that I was given was a tumbleweed which ended up on the sleeves. I had basically just spent the whole drive between New Mexico and West Texas trying to convince my husband that we needed to stuff a giant tumbleweed into the back of our car. Lost this time but I’m packing lighter next time for more room. Anyway, here’s where it got a little cray. I picked up the jumpsuit on Monday, deconstructed it for embroidery, and got after it. Tuesday morning I very foolishly texted @tinybreakdancer that I was confident I would be delivering this piece before anyone came into the shop on Wednesday morning. LOLZ. Fast forward to Kathie sending me a check in at 6pm to which I replied with the second photo. I told her I knew I had a long night ahead of me so I channeled that feeling of cranking out God knows how many jackets at a festival while throwing back drinks and shoving whatever meal in your mouth that anyone brings you. At almost 11pm I started on the birds and flowers in the midsection of the jumpsuit. It’s a special feeling staring down a big chunk of embroidery that you are starting to do at 11pm. I finally laid down the last bit of embroidery at 4am. I look tired AF in my 4am selfie. I felt crazy but I also was proud of the work. Over the past two years there weren’t very many projects with fast turnarounds. Not like this. It felt like pre pandemic vibes I guess, and that gave me a feeling of gratitude. Shoutout to years of training in procrastination and telling myself I “work better under pressure” 🥈

“BIG THANK YOU @tiffanygiffordstyle for thinking of us for the project and also to @mirandalambert for bringing the piece to life. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 💘” -Fort Lonesome

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