Cowgirl - Fringe Minis

It’s about that time, y’all; time to breakout your minis! Just consider this baby steps into swimsuit season, even though it’s basically already here. Ha!

Nothing compliments  your favorite pair of boots quite like fringe minis do! And anything that allows me to rock a great pair of boots is a must have in my book. Also, don’t stray from minis because you think they are too slinky or revealing for you. There are ways to own a mini skirt and still look classy! Try a higher waisted style. There is just something about a high waist that instantly makes you look effortlessly vintage and classy. Even though I hated this rule as a tall girl in middle school, another good rule of thumb is to hold your arms down at your side and if the skirt hovers somewhere around your finger tips or longer, you’re good to go. No shoulder shrugging during measurements, ladies! 😉

Cover you’re booty, be a cutie and own your mini!

Fresno Fringe Mini