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From the rodeo arena to the red carpet, Megan Molano creates high fashion to fit any situation a gal can find herself in. Her love for fashion has grown and spread all over the Western industry and has landed her in the center of the wedding gown fashion scene.
“I started making gowns for Rodeo Queens, and it just evolved,” says Molano.

The Colorado native is the proud owner of Liverwire Couture which is a high fashion line that mainly focuses on bridal gown creations “A lot of what I was making didn’t quite fit the ready to wear mold, hence wedding gowns were made,” says Molano. Her creations have been worn at ACMs and CMA award shows by Brandi Johnson.

Most of her pieces are made to have multiple uses and can be worn to multiple events if the owner choses to do so. “We specialize in gowns that are multi-faceted. I’m such a believer in getting originality, couture, and bang for your buck all in one,” says Molano.

Megan has had extensive work with the Western fashion industry including being the co-owner of CM modeling; A modeling agency that supplied real cowgirls on set for modeling shoots, “There are so many gorgeous women in our industry, we may as well start utilizing the women that we have in our own backyard,” says Molano. Megan has also worked side by side with name brands like Kimes Ranch Jeans, and Hobby Horse designing and styling shoots for them with features of her clothing.

Megan is a mother to seven children, and is a full time designer as well “What I love is being able to share what I do, and allow my kids to see me work…. The kids get to be in the studio with me, they help me cut pieces out, or watch me work,” says Megan.
Most of her work is in a collection that is currently at Dora Grace Bridal “This is my first exclusive bridal boutique to carry my collection,” says Molano.

Fashion has been apart of Megans life for as long as she can remember. “My mom has this prized picture of me in front of a closet full of beautiful dresses crying because I didn’t have a thing to wear,” says Molano. She attributes her fashion taste to her grandmother who was a lover of high fashion her self “My grandmother only fueled the fire with all of the Vouge magazines and Chanel suits she always wore,” says Molano.