Pears are a fun treat to try!……

It’s fun to experiment and see what your horse likes and doesn’t like to eat. A tasty piece of fruit can be a good reward for a well-deserving horse. Step outside the norm of an apple or carrot and let your horse sample something different. You might discover their favorite new fruit!

Tasty Fruit Options

  1. Pitaya

It seems to be a hit or miss with this group of horses. It sure does make their lips look funny!

2. Orange

Can your horse make orange juice? Warning… this fruit is messy!

3. Watermelon

Yummy, a summer favorite. Even the ponies seem to enjoy it.

4. Banana

Is that a horse or a monkey? You might be surprised to know that horses love their bananas too!

5. Pears

Sweet and juicy, pears are a fun option to try.

There’s a full list of safe and yummy fruits for your horse! You can mix things up and see what they enjoy most.