If you’re a fan of country music, you know all about Midland by now…and the custom jackets they rock! If you’ve ever wondered who crafts their fancy threads, the answer to the mystery just got solved.

Ft. Lonesome is the business behind the attention grabbing apparel. The self described “nomadic chainstichers,” have a wide range of clients, resulting in a huge portfolio of beautiful designs.

While Midland’s blinged out suits are iconic, these other creations have a voice of their own…see for yourself!

Who else is loving the vintage vibes from these pieces? Also, let’s take a second to appreciate that turquoise fringe.

As you’ll see throughout this article, Ft. Lonesome designs many custom denim jackets…and they’re all amazing!

Who knew denim could be this beautiful?

This shirt has “electric rodeo” vibes. Don’t you think?

How can you choose a favorite piece when they’re all this great?

This design is so unique, and peaceful!

This is one of my personal favorites…I just love that cacti design!

Bonus! Ft. Lonesome also creates custom pieces for dogs. You’re welcome.

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