pinto cowgirl magazine

Pinto horses are known as a color breed. They’re not defined by their genetic ancestry. Most are easy to identify as they have a dark coat with random lighter patches over their body. Uniquely, they can be any size and type of horse. The Pinto Horse Association of America is a great resource for this color breed.

Facts About Pinto Horses

  1. European settlers brought this breed to America. Most of the horses came from Spain. Some escaped and joined the wild herds from the other settlers.
  2. They’re usually associated with North American tribal life. In fact, pintos are known as a war horse. Many of the native tribes fought the United States with them. Their coat was considered a kind of natural camouflage.
  3. When registering a pinto horse, they must fall into a designated type. Some of these include stock (Quarter and Paint), hunter (Thoroughbred), pleasure (Arabian and Morgan), saddle (Hackney and Tennessee Walking Horse), gypsy (Gypsy Vanner), among others.
  4. The two most common color patterns for these horses are tobiano and overo.
  5. The association was formed in 1956 with more than 124,000 horses registered today.

Pintos come in all different sizes, types, and temperaments. How unique is this color breed?!?