fjord cowgirl magazine

The Fjord horse, a light draft type, is one of the world’s most interesting and oldest breeds. Most riders have seen one or two in their time, though they’re rare in the United States. If you get a chance to ride one, they won’t disappoint you! This breed is very impressive.

5 Facts About Fjord Horses

  1. This breed comes in ‘dun’ colors. Most, around 90%, are a brown dun. Others include red, gray, white, and yellow dun colors.
  2. Very few of them have any white markings. In fact, anything more than a small white star will disqualify them from being registered.
  3. Fjord horses migrated to Norway more than 4,000 years ago. They’re one of the oldest breeds of horses. Additionally, these horses are very pure.
  4. Although small in height, they’re strong and muscular. The standard height is between 13.1 and 14.3 hands.
  5. Their coat is known for being incredibly thick. This breed had to withstand extreme temperatures in the mountains of Norway. They’re quite durable.

Fjord horses are easy to spot! They have a distinct color and built that many riders are attracted too. Their calm personalities and strong work ethic also make them desirable.