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When looking for the perfect smaller mount, many choose the Quarter Pony. This versatile breed is ideal for children and small adults. Breeders tend to focus on size and conformation, but this pony also comes in some flashy colors and markings. They can be seen competing in a variety of western events, though some riders do English with them too.

Facts About The Quarter Pony

1. This breed was originally created after they failed to meet the height requirement of the American Quarter Horse Association. They have since removed the requirement, but the breed lives on. The American Quarter Pony Association was formed in 1964. That makes them relatively new.

2. The breed averages 13.2 hands, though some are working toward taller ponies up to 14 hands. Most weigh around 800 to 900 pounds.

3. Both the AQPA and National Quarter Pony Association (NQPA) don’t allow gaited or Appaloosa characteristics. The International Quarter Pony Association (IQPA) allows for any color, but still no gaited movement.

4. They’re known for their calm, steady temperament, which makes them exceptional for children and beginners.

5. Some of the heavily muscled ponies are used in rodeo events like Bull Dogging. This breed does well in most western disciplines.

If you’re looking for a versatile and easy-going pony, then here’s your answer! Quarter Ponies make wonderful riding companions.