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Socks are a fun way to add a special touch to your outfit. They also make great gifts because everyone needs them and they’re affordable! Equestrians can find a wide selection of prints like galloping horses, horseshoes, and lassos. Now, you can let everyone know how much you love horses!

Horsey Socks

Featuring a vibrant green background with gold horses and white fences, this pair is perfect for every horse enthusiast.

Horse Fence Socks, $14.00, Kentucky for Kentucky

These socks have a stylish orange, teal, and brown design. They also have a bay steed above the ankles. Every cowgirl needs a pair!

Women’s Horse Socks, $10.00, Walmart

Giddy up with this adorable set! From the trotting horses and headstalls to the brushes and saddles, there are so many cute designs. The neutral color makes them great for the barn!

Equine by Foot Traffic, $9.00, The Sock Spot

Every horse kid needs a pair too! These have a neutral gray background and colorful horses scattered throughout.

Kids Multi Color, $10.00, Barrel Down South

What pair will you put on your feet? There are so many cute options!