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After you purchase a fur coat, you need to be well aware of these fur coat care and storage tips! Whether it’s a very large purchase or a family heirloom, make sure to take care of it properly!

  • Choose the right type of hanger. Make sure the hanger is broad and sturdy for the shoulders. You’ll also want the hook part of the hanger long enough that your coat does not touch the rod.
  • Be very mindful of preventing matting. Things like pins and purse straps worn in the same location can cause your coat to wear and tear.
  • Take extra care to prevent stains. Contact with beauty products or even the oils from your skin can be problematic. It’s best to use the help of a scarf around your neck if your fur touches your skin in that area.
  • Protect your fur coat with a bag. Don’t use a plastic one, you want cotton so that it’s breathable for the fur.
  • Don’t crush the fur for an extended period of time. Whether you’re wearing it or it’s in storage, make sure it has plenty of room to move.
  • Be careful of moisture. If it gets a little damp due to the weather, shake it out and let it air dry while hanging. If the moisture is worse than that, take it to a furrier.
  • During the summer months, store your coat with a professional furrier. Optimal storage is 45 degrees, 50% humidity, a dark place, with plenty of room to breathe. This helps protect the hide from drying out, prevents the fur from changing colors, and allows it space so it doesn’t get crushed.
  • Regular cleanings are highly recommended as well. The perfect time to do this is when you take your coat to the furrier for storage. They will inspect for rips and stains to repair. The lining will be cleaned and the fur will be treated.