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Did you know you can play with your horse? It’s actually a great way to improve your relationship and interact with them in a fun and unique way. The best time to play games is when your horse is calm and relaxed. The activity should encourage movement and spark curiosity. Most games should be played on the ground, rather than in the saddle.

JSHorsemanship shares four games you can play with your horse. Try them all out and see which ones they enjoy most!

Game #1 – Seek and Touch

You can introduce your horse to the idea of touching a designated target. The reward for them is usually treats or scratches. This is common in clicker training! Most horses tend to really enjoy it.

Game #2 – Trot and Switch

This game encourages movement. Start by heading in one direction at the walk and then switch directions. The horse will turn on their hindquarters. Once you get that down, increase the speed and try it at the trot.

Game #3 – Liberty

Your horse can follow you around at liberty. It’s a good idea to start at the walk and increase speed when you get them easily following you around. Some even teach their horse tricks!

Game #4 – Ball Play

Teach your horse to play with a ball by having them push it around. It’s a great way to spark some curiosity in them.

You can check out each game in this video:

Who’s ready to have some fun?!?