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75,000 fans filed into Pittsburgh’s Heinz Stadium this weekend for The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour, and the artist didn’t disappoint. Confetti flew as Brooks strummed his guitar and belted out his signature tunes.

Courtesy 8 Ten, Inc.

This performance sold out and ended up being “not only the biggest concert but the biggest event in Heinz Field history, making it also the biggest ticketed show in Pittsburgh history” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Sold-out performances are far from a rarity for this tour. In fact, as of May 20th, all future shows are sold-out, not to mention that all past shows had also been sold-out.

Courtesy 8 Ten, Inc.

Garth Brooks’ ticket protocol may have something to do with these mass sales. To make sure every concert-goer has a chance at the best seat, all tickets are priced at $100. Seats are first come, first serve.