Stephanie Trisler, pictured right with her horse, is the lucky winner of the Strait to WNFR Sweepstakes.

COWGIRL Magazine, in partnership with WRANGLER, is proud to announce the winner of the Strait to WNFR Sweepstakes is Stephanie Trisler, a true cowgirl from Flagstaff, Arizona. Stephanie will soon be enjoying a George Strait concert in Las Vegas. I sat down with Stephanie to learn more about her, and get her thoughts on not only George Strait, but about the cowgirl way of life.

1) What connects you to the Cowgirl life?  

I grew up on a Ranch, where I learned to ride very young.  My sister and I would play games likes Cowboys and Indians and chase each other on horseback at full speed, bareback.

Riding is not my hobby, it’s a lifestyle for me.  Sadie, my horse, and I are the best of friends.  I enjoy the people who ride too, as they are down to earth and real!

2) How long have you been a fan of George Strait?

Over 25+ years – my favorite country singer!

3) What George Strait song are you most looking forward to hearing? 

Carried Away, I Cross My Heart, The Chair, and You Look So Good in Love.

4) Why do you love Cowgirl Magazine?  

Love the articles, I learn something new all the time! I feel a connection with the cowgirls in the magazine.

5) Do you subscribe to Cowgirl Magazine? 

Yes – I had been a subscriber for a long time, then I moved for a year and recently joined again.

6) What’s a fun Cowgirl fact about yourself?

The smell of a horse is better than an expensive perfume!  If I could bottle it, I would!  Gotta be a cowgirl to understand this.

Congratulations, Stephanie! You’re about to make some memories that will last a lifetime.