Getting Away means getting more out of every trip to come. Away Luggage is here to help with that!

“We live in an age of access. Anyone can go everywhere. The world is a shared place, and every trip is part of the exchange, no matter the destination. We believe in making connections: on the road, online, and in person. We value access over aspiration, and exploration over escape. For us, all time away is time well spent.

“We also believe in leaving the world better than we found it, and we want to help make a difference through the things we make, the platform we have, and community we create. That’s why before we sold a single suitcase, we partnered with Peace Direct, a nonprofit building peace in areas of conflict around the world. If you’ve bought anything from Away, you’ve also contributed to their work. Because we’re all in this together.

“What you take with you matters. Your luggage should pull more than its weight—it should be your home between homes, your closet between closets, your outlet between outlets. Because if you’re looking down at your dying phone and broken bag, you can’t see up, out, and ahead to the world in front of you.

“Quite simply: everything you need away—and nothing you don’t. We started with the perfect suitcase, then built from there, creating a range of travel standards that speak to different personal travel styles and needs, each one developed from the travel stories of friends and seatmates. Our pieces aren’t “smart,” they’re thoughtful, with features that solve real travel problems and premium materials chosen to be resilient and beautiful. The result: travel standards that are perfectly, functionally minimal—that help you find your way by staying out of it.

“To give the whole world access to better travel standards, we took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our pieces are made with the same top-quality materials as other premium luggage brands.’ But our overhead is much lower (a familiar feeling for fliers), and our quality is guaranteed—your Away suitcase will be with you for life.” -Away Luggage

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