weaver leather synergy saddle pads

Every rider needs a saddle pad, but not all saddle pads are created equal. Weaver Leather’s Synergy Saddle Pads go above and beyond just creating a barrier between your horse and your saddle.

New Synergy Native Spirit Saddle Pad in Charcoal/Turquoise

The Weaver Leather Synergy Saddle Pad provides superior shock absorption, a perfect fit, and is made with premium materials.  Just take it from pro horseman Ken McNabb!

“A good saddle pad is a must and serves three very important jobs including shock absorption, ventilation and wicking away moisture. The Weaver Leather Synergy Saddle Pad does just that and has become my favorite go-to pad!”

– Ken McNabb Horsemanship

Weaver Leather has just added these two new Native print pad designs to the line up so you and your horse can show you personal style! Another added bonus? They’re made right here in the USA and come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Check out the Weaver Leather Synergy Saddle Pads at your local Weaver Leather dealer or online retailer or visit ridethebrand.com for more info.

New Synergy Native Spirit Saddle Pad in Dark Slate/Orange

About Weaver Leather

Weaver Leather has roots that run deep in the equine industry. Handcrafting the highest quality products from the finest materials is a pride that has been passed down with rich heritage for over 45 years! Providing the industry with a vast range of leather tack and nylon goods Weaver has become a leading company in top quality products, service, partnerships, education and more! Their vast span of dealers and large group of online retailers are located all over United States, Canada and more.