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Ranch riding classes have taken the western world by storm! They’ve gained a tremendous amount of attention, especially in recent years. These patterned classes test the skill and versatility of horse and rider. This up and coming discipline is open to all levels of riders. It’s worth exploring!

Getting Involved in Ranch Riding

Try Some Lessons

The best place to start is at a barn that specializes in ranch riding. If possible, take some lessons under an experienced trainer. Another great idea is to attend a clinic! Some trainers put on ‘intro to ranch riding’ demonstrations for those new to the discipline. These are a great way to get your feet wet without investing too much.

Pick a Club

Organizations like the American Quarter Horse Association and American Paint Horse Association offer classes that you can compete in. There are also speciality groups like the American Ranch Horse Association, Ranch Horse Association of America, and National Versatility Ranch Horse Association. Start by watching a few shows in person to get a feel for them. Each one will offer something a little different.

You’ll Need a Horse

Once you’re ready to commit, it’s best to buy a seasoned horse. This horse should be quiet, have excellent conformation, good cow sense, and experience in the show ring. Your trainer should help guide your search, but get ready to spend at least $12,000. Some may even go as high at $40,000. Don’t be afraid of a horse with a little age. Some of these make perfect mounts for amateur riders.

The best thing you can do is get out there and talk to other riders. Ask them for their advice, how they got started, and barn recommendations. The ranch riding community is friendly and loves to help new riders get involved.