buck wild custom wild rags Lauren Maeve McIntire Photography
Photos courtesy of Lauren Maeve McIntire Photography……

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Cowgirl Hotlist

You don’t always have to get wild with wild rags. Photos courtesy of Lauren Maeve McIntire Photography.
Wild rags have become a favorite in the fashion world! Fashion forward gals have been known to wear them in crazy prints, as headscarves, attach them to their purses, and so much more! You don’t always have to get wild with fashion trends though…sometimes tradition is just as sweet! Initially men were the ones that sported rags all the time in the winter to keep warm while tending to their horses and cattle. Fast-forward to the future, and some gals had the bright idea to start making them more female friendly in tons of different patterns! The ladies can pull them off just as well as the men! What do you think? That does it! The ladies pull them off BETTER than the boys! You know what they say, “sometimes the best cowboys ain’t cowboys at all.” All photography provided by Lauren Maeve Photography. Want to see some nontraditional ways to wear wild rags? Read below!
Wild Rags For Wild Women And Ways To Wear Them