Courtesy of Ghostwood Distilling Co.……

Ghostwood Distilling Co. brings you three great spirits that go beyond the firelight.

Lucas Perks, founder and owner says, “They are all ghost stories. Every story we share over a glass of whiskey. Each anecdote told while sharing this 4-grain whiskey gets carved into the Ghostwood tree and becomes a part of its legend. It soaks up a part of you and seeps into the roots and hearty Montana soil. One glass and the darkness becomes less foreboding and beckons you to live beyond the firelight.”

This rye is unlike any other on the market, not simply because of its 4-grain mash bill, but also because it is a marriage of the best grains in Montana (Rye, Red Winter Wheat, and Barley), mixed with the best corn from Illinois. It is also aged in 53-gallon, Kelvin Cooperage Barrels from Kentucky at a specific char level which will maximize its glorious flavor profile.

Camping alone in the woods while growing up, your imagination could have a tendency to run away from you. Before you blaze a warm, snapping fire, but beyond that light there is darkness… and it’s holding its breath.

This recipe was inspired by and for that world, when the remnants of summer have given way to the bracing turn of winter and darkness lurks just over your firelit shoulders, causing you to smile with a hidden warmth.

There are a lot of benefits to a barrel proof for an avid whiskey drinker, not the least of which is customizing your preferred proof level. But this higher proof really shows off the mash bill and what these grains really taste like together.