Calling all equestrians, you’ll love these special horse-themed gifts. A Horse Box is a subscription box company designed for horse riders. They also offer various gift boxes in categories like grooming, leather care, brushes, and wound care. Check out some of their cool options!

1. Wound Care, $39.99; A Horse Box

Accidents happen, so make sure you’re ready with these items:

  • Banixx Wound Care Spray
  • BandaFlex Bandages
  • Pill Crusher
  • Nixall Wound Care
  • SprayFlexWrapSTP (Stop The Pain)
  • BooBoo Bunnies
  • PowerFlex AFD Wrap
  • Fauna Care Silver Spray
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves

2. Saddle Care, $29.99; A Horse Box

Take good care of your tack with these products:

  • Heels Down Stirrup Covers
  • Sterling Essentials Leather Care Set
  • Emerald Valley Leather Soap with Tea Tree Oil
  • Leather New Leather Care Set
  • Leather Therapy Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash
  • Tack Sponges

3. Hoof Care, $24.99; A Horse Box

Proper hoof care begins with the right stuff!

  • HorseShoer’s Secret Sealant
  • Natural Thrush Treatment
  • Hoof Moisture Spray
  • Hoof Pick

4. Brush Box, $39.99; A Horse Box

Keep your horse looking shiny with these items:

  • White Cotton Mitt
  • Spiral Curry Comb
  • Barn Tote
  • Silver Brush
  • Flick Bush
  • Face Brush
  • Lead Rope
  • Silver Microfiber Towel
  • Slick easy
  • Brush Buster
  • Thinning Razor

There’s also a rider, boot, safety, young rider, and mystery option available. Pick the one that suits your needs!

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