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Has your horse been naughty or nice? If your horse has been on their best behavior, consider getting them a special gift this Christmas. For those that enjoy giving, this time of year can be filled with a lot of fun. It can be hard picking out the perfect gift though. Rest assured, these toys and treats will be well received by your horse!

Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

The classic jolly ball is always a good choice. They can be put in your horse’s stall or field.

This treat dispenser offers long-lasting fun! They’re durable and can be kicked and rolled around.

Yummy treats are the way to go! Most horses really enjoy a piece or two after a trail ride or lesson.

Bite-Size Nuggets Treats, $5.99, Valley Vet

Those hard to reach spots can be relieved with this scratcher. It can be hung on the edge of a barn or run-in! The smooth, textured material won’t pull out their hair.

The Equine Scratcher Right Angle Scratcher, $41.99, Tractor Supply Company

For hours of enjoyment, this slow feed hay ball is just what your horse needs. It’ll bust boredom as your horse pushes it around in their stall or field.

Slow Feed Hay Ball Feeder, $106.33, Horse.com

These special toys and treats are fun, but honestly your horse will also be happy with some extra hay, plenty of turnout, and a good grooming or scratch. Merry Christmas!