West & Co. Turquoise Necklace, $72

Already hunting around for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Well, we’re right there with you. Mom brought you into this world and dadgumit she can take you out of it, just as easy! We all know she’d be just as happy if you surprised her by cleaning the house or invited her on a, “just the girls,” trip, but getting her something special and seeing her light up is just too fun. Because she’s MOM and she is the BEST! If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Right? However, you won’t have to worry about that if she unwraps any of these goodies on Mother’s Day!

Mad Cow Company Concho Earrings, $80


Mad Cow Company Bullet Knife Necklaces, $100


Brown Branded Big Tote, $300


Gypsy Soule Serape Tote, $140


Brandy Pull Up Wallet, $120


The Laramies, available at Wild Bleu, $245


Custom Photograph Pendant by Western Vintage Revival, prices vary.