1927 s'mores cowgirl magazine
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Up your campfire game! Located in Portland, Oregon, 1927 S’mores is a place to indulge in the gourmet treats. S’mores are a classic we all know and love, but they definitely got a makeover here. With flavors like triple chocolate, whiskey salted caramel, and red raspberry (to name a few), it’s nearly impossible to pick just one! Luckily, if you’re not in the PNW, they have kits ready to ship! Enjoy!

“It all started with James and Elise Kelly, the owners and makers of the gourmet twist on these all-American classic treats. James grew up in Michigan. An avid sports fan, he saw s’mores as the untapped cracker-jack of stadiums and fireside nooks alike. After marrying a native Oregonian in 2012, James found his s’mores soulmate in Elise.

“Together they started 1927, whose name is a homage to the first ever documented s’mores recipe from the Girls Scouts’ 1927 edition of their “Tramping and Trailing” newsletter. After a few years of growing their cart catering and s’mores kits ventures, they felt a s’morefront was the next step. Come for a dessert at the shop in downtown Portland to indulge in a torch-fired artisanal s’more.”

These delectable desserts would also make a great gift!