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Cowgirl Hotlist

Don’t you just love when graphic tees are played up? The Light Blonde, Tara Swain Photography, and a pretty cool girl gang from North Texas all teamed up to collaborate on this awesome shoot that focuses on uplifting women in a positive manner!
Photo courtesy of Tara Swain Photography.
“I always love working with The Light Blonde and was so incredibly excited about this shoot. They let me have free rein of the posing, locations, etc. and these girls truly made the shoot come to life. It was a heat index of over 110 on this day and even though everyone was melting, there was not a single complaint. The location, the styling— everything made this such a fun shoot for me and one that definitely ranks in my top favorite shoots during my career.” -Tara Swain
Photo courtesy of Tara Swain Photography.
“The Light Blonde is graphic tee company that was created in faith to provide uplifting, inspiring items for women, men and kids and is a family run, small business based in Fort Worth, TX. The line has been carried in western boutiques for years so Tara Swain Photography helped us create a shoot showing how real cowgirls style their favorite The Light Blonde tees. Courtney Harley has modeled for The Light Blonde before and brought her team to this shoot that she hosted at her family’s ranch to help us with fashion rules that we trendy girls didn’t know (such as no jewelry paired with leggings!). It was so fun to see a new spin on our classic tees! We are about sharing the light and have loved being embraced by the western community! Tees can be found at www.thelightblonde.com! -The Light Blonde
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