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Spotlight: Girl Talk by Alexis Bloomer. Photo courtesy of <a href=…

Alexis Bloomer is a an award-winning journalist, producer, author entrepreneur, and now she’s using her voice to bring you, entreprenHER, the latest addition to her Spotlight podcast!

Spotlight: Girl Talk is an honest and laid-back conversation with women that are excelling in business, with guests like Kaitlyn Davis, wife, mother, and CEO of Reign Lashes, and Quincy Freeman-Eldridge of Rodeo Quincy.

“I’m really excited to introduce a new aspect of the show, entreprenHER, where I’ll interview female business owners or female leaders within their industry market. Our first episode comes out this SUNDAY. There will still be motivational podcasts in between interviews, but I really wanted to include other business women in #girltalk,” said Alexis.

Tune in every Sunday to hear Girl Talk and for more inspiration from the boss babe herself, check out Alexis Bloomer’s rise to the top here!