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Girl With A Gun by Kari Bovee.

What’s better than a good, old-fashioned murder mystery?  A famous cowgirl helping to solve a good, old-fashioned murder mystery.  That’s the premise of author Kari Bovee’s book Girl With A Gun.  When sharpshooter extraordinaire Annie Oakley’s Indian assistant is poisoned, she decides to investigate and find the culprit who took the life of the beloved friend she had worked with since joining Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. 

Sleuthing however, proves to be more dangerous than some of the harrowing riding and shooting tricks Annie performs in the nightly programs.  Someone wants to keep the sure shot from discovering the truth, and the guilty party will go to great lengths to stop her.  A second murder heightens the suspense and then Annie’s prized horse is stolen.  Could it be that Annie was the target all along? 

Annie soon discovers that the solution to her problems lies buried in a padlocked Civil War trunk belonging to the show’s manager, Derence LeFleur.  With the help of a sassy, blue-blooded reporter, Annie plunges ahead to get to the bottom of the killings before more lives are lost and the Wild West Show destroyed. 

Girl With A Gun is thoroughly entertaining and exciting.  Kari Bovee is a clever author and I suspect readers will be clamoring for her to include another Old West character in her next thriller.

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