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It starts at a young age and most never outgrow it. This explainable love for horses has perplexed researchers, parents, spouses, and others for centuries. Young girls start with horse toys and pony rides, then advance to lessons and a real horse of their own. Women make countless sacrifices to continue riding through careers, marriage, and parenthood. This love is oh so real!

The Love Between a Girl and Horses

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, suggested that girls love horses because of power. Many equestrians experience a feeling of empowerment when they ride or handle horses. It’s quite an amazing feeling being able to work and train a 1,200 pound animal.

A second reason could be the relationships girls form with horses. Because women are known for being more empathetic, they tend to pick up on the more subtle behaviors of horses. This helps to develop a strong and lasting relationship, which is built on communication. Many girls also enjoy the nurturing aspects of feeding, grooming, and tending to these beautiful animals.

And lastly, horseback riding gives girls and women independence and a sense of adventure. What a wonderful freedom it is to get on a horse and ride through the trails or soar over jumps! It also gets you in touch with nature on a deeper level.

There are many reasons why girls love horses. You may not be able to explain why you care so much for them, but there’s one thing for sure… you can’t go back now. They’ll be in your heart forever and always!