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In today’s age, nothing is more empowering than being a cowgirl. Matt Jones aka Songbird Jones‘ new song “Give Her the Reins She’ll Run” perfectly captures the free-spirited nature cowgirls possess, and the accompanying video highlights his inspiration – Texas cowgirl Halle Laramore.

The song depicts a coming-of-age story about Halle and how her love of horses and the western lifestyle have helped her through trying times and grown her into the woman she is today. She is magnetic, but not one to try and draw attention to herself. She is tough as nails, with a soft heart and a deep passion for horses and all animals.

We had the opportunity to talk to Jones about the new tune and what it means to him to be able to empower cowgirls everywhere.

Photo by David Pollard.

Halle Laramore is a cowgirl from Glen Rose, TX, who is featured in the music video. “She is a one of a kind. She is not trying to be anyone else but herself. Because of this fact, she has a magnetism and beauty that is song worthy,” Jones praises. “This is a coming-of-age story about the cowgirl Halle, who is growing into maturity. Growing into her own unique pair of perfectly fitting boots. Horses, her animals, and her family, are the medicine that have helped her through rough valleys and allowed her to better navigate life’s difficulties.”

Being a cowgirl means being fearless, passionate, gritty, and determined, and this song is such an inspiration for any cowgirl out there – no matter the age. “I have a daughter who is a week from turning 5. I want her to know she is loved. I want her to be confident in who she is and in the process of trying to better understand who she is,” Jones explains. “I hope she has that internal, personal freedom to be herself. I want her to fall and get back up. I want her to be fearless.”

He continues, “If this song, which is inspired by a real person, encourages my daughter, another cowgirl or two, or any girl out there to be who they were created to be, to get up after they have fallen, to be fearless…. I will enjoy satisfaction beyond words.” 

Jones hopes any cowgirl listening is inspired to stand up a little taller, smile in the face of worries and troubles, and deal with them head on. “I hope the cowgirls who listen will be reminded of their love for horses, livestock, and animals. That they will be comforted and inspired by that deep understanding they know and have experienced with their beloved horses.”

Congratulations on this new release! The world needs more cowgirls, and it is amazing to see a new source of inspiration to follow their dreams. Follow along on his Facebook and Instagram for more!