This holiday season, consider giving out a lesson bundle to someone. It can be as specific or general as possible. But you know it will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.

Try something new: There’s no time like the present to get out there and try something new. Go and take a few lessons at your local cutting horse trainer. Expand your horizons and enjoy a different industry.

For the ropers: Whether or not if you are a jackpot every weekend type or a just a stay at home and rope type, going and getting tips from a professional is always a great idea. Set your loved one up with some lessons in horsemanship or pure roping skills this season.

Jessica Jones Giving a clinic at Art Of The Cowgirl
Photo By: Art Of The Cowgirl

For the little ones: Maybe you have a nieces or nephews that grew up in a non-horsey family. Go to their local boarding facility and purchase a riding lesson package for them to learn the ropes around the barn. Even if they don’t pursue it further, it is a great way to get kids outside and connecting to livestock.

Travel to a clinic: Look at the calendar and plan a get away with your friend or loved one this holiday season. Have a clinic you’ve always wanted to go to? Schedule the trip and give it as a gift!

Be a spectator: Go and enjoy an event! There are countless events you can go to and enjoy. The National Finals Rodeo, Bob Feist Invitational of Team Roping, or Celebration Of Champions, are just a few ideas. Go as a group or with someone special. Enjoy that atmosphere and way good horses go to work.

Whatever you chose to do, these are great ideas to stimulate the horse economy and enjoy what you love.