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There’s nothing quite as flashy as bling tack! From the striking gemstones to the loud colors, this tack easily stands out. Your horse will look like a million bucks while wearing these eye-catching breast collars, headstalls, and halters.

Flashy Tack

Turquoise is a gorgeous color that looks great on just about any horse! This collection will be a hit at the rodeo grounds.

Beautiful flowers on a leopard background make this set sweet and sassy! Your favorite mare will look great wearing it.

A deep color palette and lots of bling give this breast collar and headstall a mystical vibe. @rocknwilsons has so many flashy options.

Classic and stunning, this collection comes in a glitzy black and white pattern.

Wow! Want some flash? This is the set for you. It has bold designs and wild colors.

Isn’t blingy tack fun?!? You and your horse will be the stars of the arena.