Cowgirl - Horseshoes
Cowgirl - HorseshoesPC: Lily M-C at Flickr

If you’ve been around farriers enough, you might of heard the term glue-on horseshoes. They are an alternative for horses that have damaged hooves. Some farriers are more likely to encourage them, while others may be hesitant or lack experience putting them on. Either way, if you have a horse with thin or damaged hoof walls it might be a good option to consider.

Glue-on shoes can be useful for those with low heels and poor quality walls that could not hold a conventional shoe. Other times, a horse suffering from laminitis may be a good candidate. Nailed on horseshoes may be too painful to put on and make him sore afterwards.

There are a few different types of glue-ons that may be considered. The cuff and tab is applied to the outside of the hoof wall. They may have plastic padding to relieve pressure on the sole. Another type, direct bond, glues a shoe to the actual hoof and seals it with a cloth that goes over the hoof wall.

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The biggest disadvantage of these shoes is the cost. Experienced farriers may charge anywhere from $150 to $200. Inexperienced farriers may cause more harm, so it’s important to right the right person.

Take the time to look for a qualified farrier and do your research. If you’re having trouble with conventional horseshoes, it may be just the right option!