Jenny is the genius behind the Go Rope app, but she’s also about as real as it gets. She and her husband run a cattle operation outside of Billings, Montana. She also wrangles their two kids, Molly and Brody. Denver, Jenny’s husband, stays busy as a farm and ranch real estate broker, while Jenny spends her time chasing the kiddos and making sure they get to their sports activities, all while sharpening her heading skills as a 5 Elite header.

“I grew up on a ranch and have roped/rodeoed my whole life. In 2008, my dad was roping at a jackpot when his horse fell with him. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for nearly 6 weeks, and a rehab hospital for 7 months. He has made a remarkable recovery, but is disabled. His goal for the past 10 years remains to be able to rope again. We are able to get him on his horse and he has roped the heelomatic (at a standstill) but he has yet to run any live cattle. He ropes the dummy religiously and is my biggest fan. He loves nothing more than to come watch me rope. Watching him struggle to regain the ability to do the one thing he truly loved made me realize how much I had taken my ability to simply “go rope” for granted. So, in 2014, Go Rope was born with the tagline, ‘life is short, go rope.’ In the beginning, I just thought it would be fun to have some t-shirts made, and that people who knew Dad and what happened to him would appreciate the meaning of the catch phrase. I had no idea it would grow like it did, or that the message would resonate with so many people. Go Rope is now nearing 75,000 followers on Facebook!

“In 2017, a friend and I began talks of creating an app that would be a valuable resource for ropers – right at their fingertips. In June 2018, we launched the official Go Rope app. Currently, it is a comprehensive calendar of events that includes ropings from all major associations, and it also gives a platform for smaller producers to advertise their events free of charge. Essentially, you can download the app for a couple dollars per month and, with a few taps, always know where you can Go Rope, whether you’re looking for the closest World Series roping or just a local jackpot to tune up your skills. In the app, you can search by association, by state, or by month. Then, when you find a roping that you want to follow, you simply tap ‘Add to my ropebag.’ All of the ropings that interest you are stored in your rope bag, and if any information for any of those ropings changes, you’ll receive a notification! No more hopping from website to website, or Facebook page to Facebook page to find out what events are happening.” – Jenny

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