amberley snyder interview cowgirl magazine

With the sudden onset of COVID-19 across America, the impact throughout the entire Western industry has been substantial.  From closed doors to cancelled events and exploded marketing plans, the crisis has had an effect in every far reaching corner.  COWGIRL wanted to explore the impact by asking three simple questions to women who not only live, but work the Western way of life:

  • What did you do to continue being productive in the face of COVID-19 shut downs?
  • What is the most positive effect of your efforts to adapt to the restrictions?
  • What is the most negative result these shut downs had on you?

AS: “I looked for ways to better myself while I was home.  I don’t usually have time to focus on my physical well-being, so I took up cross-fit, was standing for a couple hours a day, and paying attention to my body.  I also don’t usually get to offer my merchandise online because I am traveling so much and I run  my business myself.  I was able to put those up for purchase to people who may not have normally had the opportunity.  I believe my body is in a better place than it has been in quite a few years and I am excited to continue working for more even as the world opens back up.  My speaking engagements have stopped for now.  I plan them to come back in the fall, but that has been a hard income change for right now.”