Ivy Conrado-Saebens. Photo by Ken Amorosano.……

With the sudden onset of COVID-19 across America, the impact throughout the entire Western industry has been substantial.  From closed doors to cancelled events and exploded marketing plans, the crisis has had an effect in every far reaching corner.  COWGIRL wanted to explore the impact by asking three simple questions to women who not only live, but work the Western way of life:

  • What did you do to continue being productive in the face of COVID-19 shut downs?
  • What is the most positive effect of your efforts to adapt to the restrictions?
  • What is the most negative result these shut downs had on you?

ICS: “I have really been focusing on my next generation of horses—trying to improve on my herd and getting my young horses more advanced.  I’ve also been enjoying my first year of marriage at home which is very unusual for a ‘Pro Rodeo couple.’ Spending time at home and strengthening my marriage has been amazing for my personal life.  It has also given me time to visit family and enjoy the process of building our home.  Clearly the most negative impact has been financially.  I’m really hoping for our opportunities to make money come back and we can have a sense of normalcy soon.”